If you are anything like me, you have a million and one ideas of things that you want to accomplish. Google, planners and lists are your best friends and ‘eureka’ moments happen on the regular. But, if you are anything like me, these moments can often become overwhelming and make you doubt all of your abilities.

As I write this, I am scrutinising each word and wondering if this post will be good enough. Sometimes, when I am working out,  I look at my reflection and think ‘what is the point? my body is hardly changing.”. When I miss my husband, I sometimes wonder if our LDR will have a happy ending. On a daily basis I am faced with so many opportunities to just.give.up. To be honest, sometimes I give in to these thoughts. I may shut my lap top in the middle of writing, give my workout much less effort than needed, or even tell my husband that I can’t survive an LDR.  Sometimes I feel like nothing I do is good enough, so why bother? And then; I see that I have gained a follower, I notice that a top fits differently on me, I remember why I married my husband in the first place. My motivation is found.

There is no formula for motivation, and there is definitely no one way to achieve it. What motivates me may not necessarily work to motivate you, though I do think motivation comes from the same general principles. Motivation comes in waves. It is okay to not feel motivated 24/7, but remember that riding these waves will be good for you in the long run. Motivation comes when you see results, stay realistic and be easy on yourself. I am still learning how to ride the motivation roller coaster, but here are some tips that keep me on track.

1       Keep your goals visible and realistic

What are you working for? What would you like to achieve? These goals could be related to academics, health, relationships, career paths, hobbies. They can be big or small, but remember they must be realistic in order to keep you motivated. This means that your short term and long term goals need to be clarified. For example: getting your driver’s license would be the long term goal, where as completing the written portion would be the short term. If you break it down into steps like this, you will be much more motivated to continue, as you can check off your successes and accomplishments! Make a ‘Vision Board’ so that you can literally be reminded and motivated of what you are working for.

TAKEWAY: Keep your goals in front of you (literally) so that you know exactly what you are working for. Keep it realistic, break down your bigger goals into smaller, more doable ones. Seeing these get accomplished will motivate you to keep going.

2     De-clutter your mind, your working space and spoil your sense

Yes mom, you were right. Cleaning my room is important. Not only is organising therapeutic, but the cleanliness around you will promote tranquility in your life. No, your mom did not pay me to trick you into cleaning your space, I am serious! A clean work space encourages calmness  and adding a comforting scent will further this feeling! Whether it is essential oils ( lavender or Saje products work for me), or even a freshly brewed cup of coffee, the sense of smell is powerful in keeping you motivated as your mind is put to ease. Put your dog on your lap and you’ve got a recipe for success! This tip is more for getting work done at a desk, however these pointers will help to keep your overall motivation towards life at a high as you become stress free!

TAKEWAY: Take the minimalist approach to life. Keep your space clean and tidy. This will help calm your mind and it’s amazing thoughts.  Scents will add that extra layer of comfort that is needed to keep your spirits high and your life motivation roaring!

3     Take a break

Probably not the best idea to take a break off of that Kit-Kat bar since the sugar will make you crash, but, take a break nonetheless. The best thing you can do to kill your motivation, is to push, push and keep pushing yourself. You physically and mentally need to take breaks to avoid fatique. Get up and stretch, take a walk, take an extra rest day, have a snack, watch a show, put your work to the side for a night! It is a fact that people who take breaks are far more productive than those who burn themselves out. Someone who has reached burn out will not be so easily motivated. Take care of you!

TAKEAWAY: Taking a break is key to keeping motivated. Give yourself some time to regenerate, you are a human, not a machine! Heck, even your devices need breaks in order to recharge properly!

4     Find your motivation, use your support system to keep it alive

My husband and my family keep me motivated. I am motivated by the thought of making them proud. I am also motivated by happiness for myself. I am lucky that my sister doubles as my best friend and that her and I keep each other afloat. I have been let down in life by people close to me. It hurt then and it still hurts now. I learned that I was only hurting myself as I used my sadness to excuse myself from accomplishing my goals. Now, my life is full of positivity and I owe it to my support system, my motivation.

TAKEWAY: Who or What is your motivation? Your family, a car, your dog, yourself? Know that you are supported, and that you will succeed if you want to. Keep your eyes on the prize!


Motivation is easy to find, but sometimes hard to hold on to. Don’t let it slip away! You will thank yourself for your perseverance in the end. From my roller coaster to yours, I hope you found this blog useful!

What is your motivation?