A Cliché Packed, Cheesy Love Story

Fate, destiny, serendipity. Three words that hold powerful to the way many people live their lives. I wouldn’t consider myself to be an overly religious person, but I do have faith and trust in God’s actions. To me, there is a difference between active decision making and a ‘meant to be’ moment. In fact, I believe that every time, they go hand in hand. Cliché# 1: Whatever is meant to be will be… the first cliché of today’s cliché packed blog. Yes- fate and destiny may ultimately dictate events in your life, however in order to get to those positions, there would have been a lot of hard work and active decisions made along the way. Whether you believe in fate or not… Let’s lighten the mood with a love story.

In 2014, I made the active decision to uproot and move to England.  I was loving everything about it, the independence, the travelling, the new friends- It was exactly what I had hoped for as I left my comfortable life back in Canada. As a fully functioning adult, I got to make all of my decisions for myself. I made active decisions to go to work each day, I made active decisions about which groceries I would buy for the week, and  I made an active decision to go out with my friends on the night of May 4th 2015. May 4th 2015- the force was certainly with me that night. The force of… love!

If clichés make you uncomfortable, I apologise for this entry… but you’re already half way- so don’t quit now!  I did not plan to go out that night…some may say that, Cliché# 2: this meeting was serendipitous. As my friend and I entered the ever so familiar lounge, we made our way downstairs where they play 90’s music…need I say more? We were getting our Spice Girls on as we usually did, when I was distracted by a tall, blue-eyed, blonde haired figure from the corner of my eyes. Cliché# 3: It was love at first sight! I turned to my friend who was already looking at me, knowing exactly what I was thinking. “He is exactly your type” she said, and I laughed at my transparency. Sadly, I was disappointed when I looked back, only to see that he had vanished. Or had he? Dun dun dun…

No… he had definitely vanished. After my friend and I got our fix of ‘cheesy’ 90’s music, we went upstairs to a different part of the building. By this point, I had come to terms with the fact that my dream man was gone. As my friend and I continued to get our cardio workout for the day, we found ourselves cornered by admirers who were clearly mesmerised by our rad dance moves. After smiling and repeating that we were not interested to one of our fans, it was clear that he was not prepared to take no for an answer. Lying, I told him that I had a boyfriend and that he was around. He still did not get the hint. Out of desperation and without really thinking, my arm launched back, grabbing the closest person I could feel. I have no idea what I was thinking, but Cliché#4 desperate times call for desperate measures. My super creepy move paid off though as you have probably guessed since the closest person just so happened to be my dream man from downstairs. He must have sensed my desperation, because he (thankfully) went along with my story. I am going to spare you the cheesy details, but if I had to use a cliché right now it would be that cliché#5 love works in mysterious ways.

Questions were being hit back and forth faster than a Wimbledon tennis match. It was only two hours, but if I had been asked to write a Biography on the ‘Life and Times’ of my new friend, I could have. As the lights came on, we reluctantly parted ways. I could not believe what had just happened.

The dream continued the next day as I woke up to a message from Ryan. And so it began. That night we went for dinner at Nando’s, as you do when in England.  Our relationship moved very quickly. I could not remember life without Ryan. Okay last one, Cliché# 5: when you know, you know. We knew that we wanted to get married eventually, so why wait? Our families were thrilled to hear about our decision, and fast forward over a year later, we were married in the building directly across from the place that we met in.

For the rest of our lives, we will share the love for May 4th with Star Wars lovers around the world. There was a force on our side that night- whether you believe it was fate, destiny, or simply coincidence, our lives guided us both to where we needed to be. As we begin our lives together faced with the challenges of spousal visas and citizenships, we hope that this force will continue to guide us, and all of you,  towards happiness and life long love.