Though beautiful to look at, a body of water becomes quite dull and lifeless when it remains stagnant. At first, you may feel reassurance by it’s silence and by it’s familiarity. You may feel at peace or a sense of comfort as you survey the stillness that surrounds you. And then, when you least expect it- it hits you! You. Are. Bored.

Young children deeply depend on routine, structure, consistency and repetition. One of the benefits of establishing these? Avoiding surprises in daily events. While this is crucial for children, avoiding surprises in your adult life could very possibly lead to boredom! In my case, The comfort and stillness of my life did become just that. I was lacking challenges. I wanted to have new experiences. To me, life should be all about change; all about movement. Not only is movement a requisite for the survival of our physical bodies, but it is also crucial for the survival of our minds. For me, movement happened in many ways, both metaphorically and literally.

After completing my first degree while staying at home, I moved a mere two hours away to begin my second while living on my own for the first time . My life was still comfortable and I became a slave to my familiar daily routines. Class, work and sleep grew more and more tedious each day and I began to dread what the future may hold. I knew that graduation was fast approaching and that the drabness of my life needed to be sparked by a change.

It could have been my childhood obsession with ‘The Worst Witch’ and ‘The Spice Girls’, or my love for ‘Mr. Bean’. It could have been the fact that my (now) maiden name was Welsh, and perhaps there was a magnetic pull to the UK where my ancestors originated. Whatever it was, something inside of me was telling me that I needed to make a huge change. For those of you who know me, once I get an idea I can not rest until it is done. And just like that, one month before graduation from teacher’s college, I had signed a contract to start as a classroom teacher of thirty 9 year old students in London, England.

I had taken the ultimate leap of faith as I uprooted my established life in Canada where I had my family, my little Pomeranian and my friends. Yet, I was on top of the world (pun intended) and I could not wait to land in my new country. As soon as my driver had dropped me off at my hotel for induction week, I could not remember why I had done this! This panic lasted for a few months as I began from scratch in a foreign land. Finding a place to live, setting up bank accounts, getting a new phone and learning my way around my new home was challenging. And though I did think about giving up on occasion, I am so glad that I stuck it out.

I began to love life as a young, independent professional and took every opportunity to travel to nearby countries. With my new friends, the amount of exploring was endless and kept me moving at all times! Although I had changed my life plan, everything was working out great! Other than work, everyday held a sense of mystery and excitement. Who knew what would happen next? I finally felt that I was where I was meant to be.