Growing up, my parents used to draw me ‘to do’ lists. I loved the sense of accomplishment I felt after checking off the drawing of the toothbrush, the vacuum, the bed and the various other creatively designed icons. I loved having everything laid out in front of me- having structure… having a plan.

For the whole of my high school and university career, I was guided by a conversation that I once had with my dad. I remember sitting on the stairs of my childhood home with my father towering over me. He was very concerned as I was going to be in grade 4 the next year and as a junior (in primary school), I would need to have a career path set. I sat and thought about it for as long as an 8 year old can sit and think about anything, and finally announced that I would become a teacher.  That’s right; my dad inspired me to plan my whole life out at 8 years old.  I would be a teacher, meet someone I love, get married, buy a house, fill it with dogs, and then have kids. Not a very original plan…but a plan nonetheless. As the months and years flew by, I felt comfort in knowing that I had a plan.

Things don’t always go as planned. Ha! I always thought this was an odd statement. How could a carefully planned plan possibly fail? Well, If my first two years of teaching didn’t teach me this lesson, my first year of marriage certainly is!

My hopes of this blog is to reach out and appeal to a plethora of people. To the community of people who have had to, are currently in, or later may be in a long distance relationship for whatever reason. To the compassionate caring type of people who can empathise with people in any given situation. And finally, to the fun loving people who, regardless of circumstances, refuse to put life on pause when life isn’t going according to plan!   My name is Priya Coombs O’Leary, and I am excited to start this new journey providing support, advice and my experiences to people in varying circumstances, while also receiving some myself! I can’t control that life isn’t going according to plan, and that I cannot check off anymore things on my life ‘to do’ list, but I can plan to make a new plan… whatever that means!