The Sea Do Us Part

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How to Live With Anxiety

You Are Not Alone!  Debilitating. Paralysing. Crippling. Most days I wake up with a million things on my mind. I want to be the best that I can be, I want to accomplish so much. These thoughts are short lived... Continue Reading →


How to: Make a ‘Sweet’ DIY face mask

Honey, want a soft and bright complexion?  I love DIY beauty/ health products. You usually have the ingredients in your kitchen, all products are fresh and natural, and best of all- it does not cost a fortune while providing optimal... Continue Reading →

How to Grow Your Hair Naturally

You Use WHAT to Grow Your Hair? Clip ins, tape ins, fusion, links, sewn-in- you name the type of extension ... I've tried them all! I have put my hair through the torture of bleach, relaxers, dyes and heat and... Continue Reading →

Commonwealth Couples

Commonwealth Couples I am SO proud to be Canadian! When I lived in London, England for two years, I loved being asked where my 'accent' was from. I would take all opportunities presented to share that I am Canadian. Questions like "Why... Continue Reading →

Different Strokes for Different Folks

The World of Eyeliners Gel, liquid and cream, oh my! Eyeliner comes in all different application types, and formulas; brands and qualities. How are you supposed to know which type is right for your expertise level or for the look... Continue Reading →

How to Find Motivation

If you are anything like me, you have a million and one ideas of things that you want to accomplish. Google, planners and lists are your best friends and 'eureka' moments happen on the regular. But, if you are anything... Continue Reading →

The Long Distance Relationship Survival Guide

Surviving an LDR A long distance relationship (LDR) does not always mean that both parties are separated by borders or oceans.  It can mean living two hours via car, or 16 hours via plane. It can mean seeing each other once... Continue Reading →

May the Fourth Be With You

A Cliché Packed, Cheesy Love Story Fate, destiny, serendipity. Three words that hold powerful to the way many people live their lives. I wouldn't consider myself to be an overly religious person, but I do have faith and trust in... Continue Reading →

The Big Move

Though beautiful to look at, a body of water becomes quite dull and lifeless when it remains stagnant. At first, you may feel reassurance by it's silence and by it's familiarity. You may feel at peace or a sense of comfort... Continue Reading →

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